Payment Disputes

BIF Act 2017 Building Industry Fairness Security of Payment Act

Construction Contracts - Payment Disputes

  • Did you know that powerful legislation exists regarding Payment Claims?

The Building Industry Security of Payments Act binds all Parties regarding Payment of construction work in Queensland.

From a Contractor’s perspective a Payment Claim may not have been paid in full or even not responded to at all by their Client.

From a Client’s perspective a Payment Claim may be considered unreasonable due to the excessive amount or quality issues surrounding the work that has been carried out.

Often, there are technical circumstances involved in a Payment Claim where a qualified and registered Adjudicator with a strong technical background can assist.

Tim Baxter is a Registered Adjudicator with over 25 years engineering and hands-on technical and administrative experience in the construction industry.

We are able to provide advice to Applicants or Respondents in relation to Payment Claims and Adjudication Applications relating to the construction industry.

Parties to a Payment Claim dispute, be aware that when drafting documents relating to their matter, criteria as stated in the BIF Act are required to be addressed.

It is strongly recommended that the Applicant or Respondent get professional advice when formulating an Adjudication Application or Response.

In addition, it is important to get advice early in the process as time limits do apply under the BIF Act.

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