Dilapidation Report Brisbane

Dilapidation Report

Obtain the best Dilpidation Report available at a resonable price.

Baxter Consulting Engineers has vast experience in providing Dilapidation Reports to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Civil Projects.

There are good reasons to obtain a Dilapidation Report when construction work is to occur.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

A Dilapidation Report gives the Project a ready baseline to carry out a fair comparison in the event of a complaint. 

Dealing with complaints in relation to damage from construction work is stressful and expensive for all people involved.

The benefit of obtaining a professional Dilapidation Report is that a ready baseline is available to make a fair determination in the event of a complaint.

The cost of a professional Dilapidation Report is significantly cheaper than a lengthy dispute process caused by no adequate record being available. 

Complaints against Projects from adjacent Properties can occur because Owners may not be aware of existing cracking or other defects present to their Property.

Property Owners also get a sense that the Project is ‘doing the right thing’ by obtaining a Dilapidation Report.

Property Owners should consider obtaining a Dilapidation Report ā€” prepared by an independent Qualified Engineer ā€” if they have a building positioned in proximity to a construction project.

Call now and speak directly with the Engineer about a professional Dilapidation Report solution for your specific needs and budget. 

A Dilapidation Report from an independent engineer is the best record a Project can have to readily resolve complaints. 

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A Dilapidation Report gives the Project a ready baseline to carry out a fair comparison.