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Need a structural design to your residence?

Concerns over movement or cracking to the building?

A structural engineer who provides advice in connection with residential buildings is a specialised field. This is because residential buildings are constructed more economically than other types of buildings.

My company offers quality services in residential structural design and engineer inspections.

I specialise in providing engineer inspections and advice to movement and cracking of buildings and a wide range of other building problems.

The benefit to you is that I have vast experience with design and repair to residential dwellings. You will be dealing with the foremost expert on residential home construction, alteration and repair.

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New Residential Structural Design

residential structural engineer brisbane

residential structural engineer alterations

It’s exciting for a property owner to be considering building a new residence.

The last thing you want as the proud owner of a new residence is to be suffering from excessive cracking due to footing movement or one of many other structural problems that can occur due to inadequate construction.

Contact Tim at Baxter Consulting Engineers today to obtain an obligation free quotation for a structural engineer design for your new residence.

Considering some alterations to your residence?

residential structural engineer alterations

residential structural engineer alterations

There are structural engineer requirements for your alterations.

Whether you already have architectural plans from a draftsman or you are in the preliminary stage of considering your options for alterations for your residence, it’s best to get some input from a structural engineer early in the process.

There are structural engineer requirements for your alterations.

For example, it is very common for residential homeowners to want new openings in walls or to remove walls altogether. If the wall is a load bearing wall or a bracing wall then structural considerations need to be dealt with. Replacement structural bracing needs to be provided to adequately deal with the Wind Loads to the residence. In addition, each side of a bigger span, typically in excess of 4 metres in width, need to be supported with a footing and not just the typical thin 100mm slab on ground. The result of inadequate support to each side of big span opening is ongoing movement and cracking due to excessive load and lowering of the slab on ground. That’s not helpful to anyone.

Contact the engineer to arrange an inspection so that you can make yourself aware of the structural requirements for the options you are considering for alteration of the residence.

Cracking and movement to the residence

Cracking and movement to buildings

cracking and movement to buildings

There are many possible contributing factors to your reported cracking and movement of the residence.

It is relevant to confirm or eliminate distress to the slab and footing system as the cause of your cracking and movement to the residence.

Cracking and movement to buildings is a specialist field where I have decades of experience. I have carried out review to in excess of 647 homes as at the beginning of 2023. That’s a lot of experience in this field and it’s what you need to have some assurance that you are getting valid advice.

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